Sunday, October 30, 2011

Flea Market finds

I hadn't planned on blogging twice today, but I just had to share my latest flea market find this week, it just couldn't wait!


A couple of weeks ago I went to one of my local oppies and spotted this fabulous cookie jar. I fell in love, but not in love with the price tag. I took a photo of it on my phone, and left it there. I thought often about it, but resisted the urge to go back and get it, I thought $15 was just a little too much to pay. I vowed however, that if the next time I went there (for legitimate reasons!) it was still there, it would come home with me. Well, yesterday I needed to get a jacket to destroy to wear to the party last night, and off I went. Obviously, it was still there, just waiting for me, so I could not in all good conscientiousness leave it behind now could I?



Sophie Isobel said...

Oh I love this jar! It is just the perfect amount of kitsch that makes it simply wonderful!
Sophie x

Vic said...

Gorgeous! I don't blame you for buying it, but $15 is a bit much, I agree! Bloody oppy prices.

Plairse: I have absolutely no idea. ;)

Vande Historic Costuming said...

Soooo Cute! You can never have too many biscuit barrels!!!

Zara said...

Oh wow, I've never seen one like that before. I bet you're glad you bought it :). x