Saturday, February 27, 2010

China's story.

Thank you so much for all your condolences on the loss of my dog, China. When I was growing up I always wanted a dog, but Mum wasn't a dog person so I could never have one. Out on my own we (my then boyfriend, my now husband) decided to get a dog. The first dog we had was a bit of an escape artist so we decided to get another dog to keep him company. He never really belonged to anyone, but he was more my husbands dog than mine. We wanted a female dog and knew it just had to be a Staffy. We found a litter of all white Staffies, and although I didn't think I wanted an all white dog, I thought it was worth a look. We walked in to see these seven little white staffy pups and I almost squealed with delight at the sight of them. I crouched down to take a better look and they crowded around yapping and tails wagging. There was one that caught my eye. She was so unbelievably white, little porcelain like tummy, just like fine bone China. She tugged on the drawstring hanging from my shorts and seemed to pull me towards the door. I was smitten. Of course I had to have her. When she cried in the night, whimpering for her mother, I would sneak downstairs like a child and bring her back into bed with me. Snuggled up beside me she would sleep contentedly, nuzzled against my heart. She was once again nuzzled against my heart when she went from this world and I hope that brought her some peace, just like on those first nights away from her mother and siblings. I miss you girl, there will never be another one like you, ever.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Things are going to get quiet

It's going to be a bit quiet around here for a bit. Bear with me. Today I have to say goodbye to my old girl, China. 14 years doesn't seem like enough. How do I say goodbye to that face?

Love ya heaps girl, thanks for the memories.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Handmade Expo wrap up

Wow! What a great one! I haven't been to a Handmade Expo for a while and I was looking for a little distraction yesterday before the onslaught of the next week. For me, this next week is not going to be a good one.

What better way to distract yourself than with some retail therapy. There was an amazing stall where the seller had taken vintage suitcases etc and covered them with paper and many layers of mod podge to create some gorgeous one of a kind pieces. I simply could not resist this gladstone bag. I can see some great photo shoots in the future with my quilts and bunnies and this beauty. The creators name is Emma, but unfortunately doesn't have a blog or website to link to. I can tell you she will be at The Ipswich Indoor Bazaar next Sunday. Check it out if you're in the area.

I also picked this gorgeous owl note book from Handmade at Woolshed Creek. Just gorgeous. And Miss 12 couldn't resist the little owl brooch either.

We grabbed candy eggs and knitted chickens, and coffee and fudge (of course!!) and had ourselves a great day, despite the occasional spot of rain that tried in vain to ruin our day.

Miss 12 and I stopped in to the Salvos store near the Expo on the way home. I picked up these super cute crochet pot holders (??) for a tiny 50c each. My only Flea Market Find for the week.

The Winner

Time to spread the love!

The winner of my little giveaway is comment #2.....

Posie Patchwork!

Thanks everyone for playing along. I hope to be back later today to show off the goodies I scored at the Handmade Expo yesterday.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

my creative space...

This week in my creative space I'm still playing with the chenille. I haven't really touched it much over the summer, except to make a few bunnies and Christmas stockings and I forgot how much I love playing with it! I've managed to get together a few little quilt tops and cut quite a few more charm squares to go into more quilts. A couple of days rain have cooled things down a little here in Queensland and that's when the fun starts for me. Nothing more comforting and snuggly than chenille.

If you haven't already entered my giveaway, go to THIS post and leave a comment. I'll draw the winner on the weekend.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another bunny down

Meet Carolyn. Named after a very special someone who loves the colour yellow. She's heading off to Handmade Heaven to join her friends in time for Easter.

If you happen to want a bunny in a certain colour scheme for Easter, I'm always happy to oblige. Just let me know!

Oh, and don't forget to enter my giveaway here.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Flea Market finds

I had a great opping day the other day. Not only did I come home with the super cute bunny I showed you the other day, but I also came home with my favourite find so far this year.

It was shining like a beacon, all sounds stopped. I headed straight for it, sitting in the little craft section of Vinnies. No price. As regular oppers would know, no price can go one of two ways. This one went in my favour. "$1.00, is that alright?" she said. Is that alright?? This book is just fabulous. particularly as this year I am really wanting to get into making my own clothes. Poor Stella has had no action since she was brought home.

I also picked up this bundle of assorted zips for $3.00. 18 of them. My husband questioned as to what I was going to need 18 zips for. Well, because they were $3. duh. So, to prove to him I needed those zips, I made a little pouch. Also using the gorgeous little applique from Katia. See I did need those zips after all.

The home of Flea Market finds here.

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Happy Valentine's Day

Hope your day is filled with love!

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Spreading the love

edit: the giveaway is closed. posie patchwork is the winner!

I have been so lucky lately in winning some lovely giveaways in blogland that I thought it was about time I spread that love around. I played around with some of my selvedges and put together this little heart. It has a gorgeous cherry red vintage chenille on the back and is stuffed. Perfect for a Valentine or to just hang around all year long.

No complicated rules, if you want it leave a comment on this post. I will post anywhere in the world, so get commenting. I think I'll leave it open until next week sometime, by then I should have reached my 250 post milestone, so it will be a bit of a double giveaway. I may even pop in some vintage chenille from my collection.

Please leave some comments quick, I may start to think no one loves me....

Friday, February 12, 2010

Another giveaway won

It seems ladies, that I need to stop entering giveaways so as to give everyone else a chance at winning one. I recently won these goodies from Katia at Plushkacraft. How sweet is that cherry applique! I already have plans for it. I LOVE cherries so it will be a little something I'm making for myself. Something that very rarely happens in this house.

Thank you Katia! And Congrats on the 100 posts!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

my creative space...

This week I have literally been ankle deep in my chenille scraps. I'm cutting squares for more baby quilts and making sure I have plenty of bunnies cut out for Easter. My quilts will be going back into Handmade Heaven in mid March and I need to be prepared. I must admit that last year I honestly never expected them to sell as well as they did and at times I found it hard to keep up the demand. That's when work gets shoddy. There will be none of that this year, they will all be ready to go with plenty up my sleeve to pop in when those sell.

Head over to Kirsty's place to see who else is playing this week.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Flea Market finds

Very tardy this week with my Flea Market finds. I don't think Sophie will mind too much. I haven't had much of a chance lately to do the rounds of my local op shops but today I squeezed in some time and was well rewarded. Bags of quality clothing for $3, patterns for .50c and this very sweet (and timely for Easter) porcelain bunny. $1. He stands about 3 inches high. I have a bit of a bunny thing... in case you hadn't noticed.

Friday, February 5, 2010

The gadget case

I love the new items from CurlyPops that she has in Handmade Heaven. Couldn't resist getting a gadget case for Miss 12's ipod. If you want one, you had better be quick, they are selling like hotcakes!

I popped the bunny and bear I finished off the other day into the shop, and also took these Valentines in. You had better be quick for one of those too, one sold before I even left the store!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

my creative space...

Is just the finish from last week. My little stitched Valentine. I have also finished off a bear and bunny to take to Handmade Heaven. My poor neglected spot at Handmade Heaven currently only has one bear in it!

Check out all the other spacers at Kirsty's.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cappucino anyone?

See that super cute little coffee cozy? This was my small contribution to the awesome work that Hearts for Haiti are doing. No, you aren't mistaken, you know I can't knit, but Knittyvet at Underhill House can. She knitted this up and donated it to the cause and I came along and snapped it up. For any well discerned coffee monster absolutely needs a coffee cozy. Right?

Check out Knittyvet at her blog and her etsy store. She is having a giveaway at the moment and also donating 10% of her etsy sales until Valentines day to the Haiti relief effort.