Sunday, May 29, 2011

Flea Market finds

Flea market find

I won this gorgeous little chair this week on ebay for $6.15. My top bid was $10, so when I picked it up and saw that it was even better in person than it was in it's pictures I just handed over the $10. I love it so much! Needs some work, and that seat needs recovering, which is exactly the reason I wanted it. I feel a little restoration coming on!

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Saturday, May 28, 2011



Even Millie and Monty have been feeling the cold lately! But aren't they sweet all snuggled up together?!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy birthday to.....

ME!!!!!!! Yes, it's my birthday today and I've had a lovely day! Choccies and cheesecake and handmade gifts, oh my! This gorgeous woman took me to lunch at our local haunt and it was great. I took my camera to take a photo of our lunch and completely forgot until lunch was done and the plates were gone! Oh well, that just meant we had to get cake!

I'd spotted a gorgeous steering wheel cover on Teresa's blog, then saw it in the flesh and ohhed and ahhed over it, so what did Te
resa do? Made me one of my own! Thank you so much Teresa!

Following that all up with takeaway dinner and an early night and I'm in birthday heaven!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Yeh, I got ruthless


Told you I was getting ruthless. I've listed Posie for sale on ebay. She is a hard one to part with, but if you're after an heirloom bear from me, this might be the only chance for quite a few months. With a large custom order to do and a house full of stuff to move, I can't see me doing much bear or bunny making for a while.

Check Posie out here. If you're a regular reader and you put in an offer, you never know just how ruthless I might be! Just mention my blog in the offer.

Tuesday Treasures

So in the continued cleanup and sort out for my virtual garage sale, I came across a few things that were my paternal Grandmothers that I thought I might share. I have very few things that were my Grandmothers as she passed away when I was only 9 and I am pretty much estranged from my father so I haven't had the chance to claim all of the things I know that she wanted me to have. So this is pretty much it. Her little christening mug, a carnival glass punch bowl mug and her little Toby jug. That is her in her wedding dress which my Mum actually has at her house, I'm too worried to have it at mine. I had always dreamed that I would wear it on my wedding day, but unfortunately I am around 5'6 and she was about 5' and extremely tiny, so that didn't quite work out!

My Nanna was quite the crafter and was always into the latest "fad" craft. I like to think that she would be so proud of the things I make and would really get into the softies and stuff, I could even imagine her with a blog!

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Monday, May 16, 2011

And it continues....

I mentioned yesterday that I would be having a bit of a "virtual" garage sale on ebay, and it actually got me excited to get cracking! I have been going through a lot of my stuff and listing like crazy this morning, but believe me, there is a lot more to go! I think I'll be listing stuff every morning for at least a week!

I'm getting a bit ruthless too, nothing like a couple of early sales to get that listing frenzy going! So pop over here if you're interested, you never know what you may get a hold of, when I get like this, anything could get sold!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Flea Market finds


I'm actually going to have to put myself on a self imposed op shopping ban, as it seems as though we will be moving house in a few months, and I already have enough stuff to move as it is! That's always the worry when you rent, at any time the owner can decide they want to sell and out you go. Oh well. This time we are putting a positive spin on it as this house was starting to annoy us, I just hate to move.

So this weeks flea market finds are some of the things I've been digging up out of the piles of junk stuff stashed away in my craft room. I am going to have a bit of a virtual garage sale on ebay (I have already started here, if you're interested) to make the move a little easier. I mean really, how many vintage tea towels and tablecloths does one need?! When starting off washing the linens today, I couldn't help but notice a bit of a theme in my vintage tea towel buying habits. Notice they're all Australiana? And there is more yet to be washed!

Head over to Sophie's to see who else is playing along today!

Thursday, May 12, 2011


The Haul

I came across this photo and can't believe I hadn't shared it yet! This is the haul of Frenchy delights I smuggled brought back home with me (well, almost all of it, some may or may not have been consumed before the photo was taken!).

Teddy Bears Picnic


Bit late to the picnic today, spent too long gossiping with Teresa this morning over coffee! Anyway, I told Teresa I would join today with the bear I entered into last years Ipswich show in the handmade bear section. Considering Posie here was the only bear not made from traditional materials (and there were quite a few bears entered!), I thought 3rd place was very respectable indeed! She is made using a very vintage 1930's flowergarden quilt piece and vintage chenille. I have tried to sell her a couple of times but then always change my mind, she really is lovely.

So here is Posie. Sorry for the terrible photo, it is blowing a gale here today and she was a little worried her little parasol from Paris was going to blow away! Those French biscuits aren't going to last long either, I hear those other bears can be a little hungry sometimes!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Flea Market finds

Happy Mother's Day!

I actually managed to drag Mr Vintage along with me this week for a day of op shopping, and I think I have to take him more often, he seems to be a bit of a lucky charm! We found books for Miss 13 and blankets for the dog and goodies for me too! I have eyed off other bloggers finds of crochet rugs and been very jealous. Everytime I find one I like the look of, it's made of some daggy, scratchy acrylic. This time I found a very pretty one, in some of my favourite colours of the season, in a very nice wool. Yay! I have also been wanting a vintage needlebox, for knitting needles (not that I even knit!) as my Mum has a gorgeous one that I adore. My heart actually skipped a beat when I saw it! I also found this gorgeous Royal Vale trio that I absolutely love. I had thought I might resell it, but as with a lot of other things I buy to resell, I change my mind when I get them home!

So a very fruitful day indeed. Did you have any thrifting luck this week? Pop over to Sophie's and see what others have found.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Slowly coming back to reality

It's starting to sink in now that I am home and that France did indeed happen and was as wonderful as I had imagined all these years it would be. I'm also starting to get the urge to do some crafting as it's been a while between drinks as they say!

I thought I might show off some of the crafty goodies I got myself while in France, mostly from this fabulous shop I had heard about and had to track down while in Paris. What a gorgeous shop! I picked up some cross stitch books I had had my eye on for some time, some pieces of fabric and a very cute little needlebook too. I picked up the magazine in a shop somewhere in Macon and the vintage buttons and ribbon from the Paris flea market. I didn't get as much time as I would have liked to shop for more crafty things but the things I did get have set those crafty cogs a-turning!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Have you cast your vote?

Did you know that crafter and blogger extraordinaire, Ms CurlyPops, was nominated in Cosmo's Fun Fearless Female awards? If you didn't you'd better pop right over here now and cast your vote! Ms Curlypops is just one of those beautiful, fun and fearless women who inspire creativity and determination for many others just by being themselves. If anyone deserves this title, it's got to be Cam. So go now and vote!

Tuesday Treasures


When I saw that Melody was using this weeks Tuesday Treasures to showcase our beautiful pets, I just had to join in. Monty is fitting in nicely to our little family, spending his second night with us last night. He has Millie bluffed, though all she wants to do is lick him to bits, a bit of bonding time on the couch last night meant he has almost come around to her. Almost.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

It seems that Mr Vintage wins again...

He's been at me for a while about getting another cat. Guess who caved?


Meet Monty, the beautiful lilac burmese kitten, and new addition to the family.