Friday, October 28, 2011

Blogtober the 28th

Monty on leash

Monty on his leash. Hmmm, doesn't he look happy.

Oh yes, really struggling for blogtoberfest fodder now!


Carolyn said...

He definitely has a very disapproving look doesn't he. I know what you mean about the struggle! Only three days left in October... what were we thinking!!!

Vic said...

Oh... there is definitely something wrong there...!

Thombi: A type of camper van, discontinued in 1978 after only two years in production, since only people called Thomas bothered to buy it.

teresa said...

We tried that once with our cats, but they just sat down and wouldn't move... I mean it... they would NOT move... he he! 3 days to go!!!!!

Nelly said...

Your nearly there You can do it yes you can xx

Car said...

Still managing to make me giggle though :) poor kitty!