Sunday, February 12, 2012

Flea Market finds

It had been so long since I had had a proper op shop day so I was chomping at the bit earlier this week to go with two other gorgeous bloggers! I got vintage sheets galore (though I needed my running shoes on to get past Jennie and Leonie and get to them first!), teacups (pics to follow on that one, somehow Jennie ended up with my cup and I ended up with hers!), giant knitting needles and yarn.

I also managed to duck into another oppy on Friday in between errands and picked up this very sweet Japanese bowl.

I thought while I was actually blogging for once I would show you the beautiful elephant laundry sprinkler from the 1930's I managed to pick up on ebay a while back. You might remember, I have been wanting one of these for ages!

And lastly, these gorgeous little op shopped finds gifted to me by Jennie. How did she know I have a laundry obsession? And how cute is that little iron?!

Not sure if Sophie is playing flea market finds today, but I'll link back to her anyway, hope you all had a great weekend!