Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Stash #1

Been meaning to join in with the Sunday Stasher's for a while. What better way to show off my rather large vintage chenille stash!

I'll start with my fav's, the browns.

On the left, brown daisy by Hoffman. One of my all time favourites. And on the right, a gorgeous floral from Cabin Craft.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

my creative space...

Well, my creative space and Miss 11's creative space today.

First, mine. I spent most of yesterday getting inspired by my birthday gifts and decided to try my hand at a softie.

I'm really happy with how she turned out. I've made a few attempts before at some softie's, but this would be the first one I've actually completed! I love her little selvedge dress!

Miss 11 this week has had a few lessons at school with clay, and i'm really proud of her creation! She calls it "The Esophalogaphus". Not sure how that would be spelt! Anyway, I love it!

Head over to Kirsty's for more creative spaces, and make sure to check out my giveaway in the post below!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Giveaway Day is here!

Edit- Entries are now closed. Good luck to all those who entered!

It's finally here, Giveaway Day!

I have a few little goodies on offer for my giveaway.

I have a handmade needlecase, made from vintage chenille.

Two vintage sheet fat quarters.

Vintage buttons and one yard of vintage pom pom trim.

And 22 beautiful 4.5 inch vintage chenille and matelasse charm squares.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post before the 31st of May. How easy is that! This giveaway is open to everyone, blog or no blog, anywhere in the world!

Pop over to Sew Mama Sew blog for a list of all the participants, and get winning some cool stuff!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Swaps, goodies and orders, oh my!

It has well and truly felt like the Festival of Selina around here lately.

I've received many goodies in the mail, the postie must be jealous.

I've received swaps from bloggy mates from afar.

I've been given gorgeous birthday pressies from bloggy mates nearby.

I've received eagerly awaited orders from overseas.

And snuggly birthday wishes from my biggest fan. (you know who you are ;) )

Remember to pop back in tomorrow, when I will return the love with a giveaway.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


turning 34 doesn't seem quite so bad!

Thanks for the birthday wishes, it's turned into a great day!

Friday, May 22, 2009

op shop love

Had to get over my birthday blues for the big day tomorrow, so today I thought I'd hit the local op shops for some guilt free retail therapy.

Picked up a great little angora cardigan which appeared to be half felted, obviously it was an accident that has worked in my favour! Another hot wash and a go in the drier and it will be fabulous!

Found a really pretty pillowcase, some fabulous tea towels and a lime green chenille bedspread. Also found a really nice Esprit cotton argyle vest for a tiny $3.00. Great day!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

my creative space...

This week, not feeling very creative at all.

Hard to keep focused on one thing, flitting from stitching to yo-yo's. Maybe it's just that I will be a whole year older at the end of the week, depressing and happy, depending on who's point of view you're looking at it from!

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Shop update

I've just added a few new things to my etsy shop, if you happen to be interested!

Didn't do that well at the market on the weekend, but the needlecases were a hit.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Giveaway day

Saw this over on Rebecca's blog, and decided to join in! Should be fun!

Just pop back on the 27th of May to see what goodies I will be giving away.

All the information is over here if you would like to be involved as well.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

my creative space...

Getting in early this morning with my creative space.

I've got a few little projects in the pipeline. I'm doing a very small market stall thing this weekend and wanted to have some cheaper priced items, so I whipped up some needle cases using some vintage hankies, and some coffee cosies using felt. I really like how the coffee cosies have turned out.

Off for a busy day ahead!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Heritage week

If on Sunday, you find yourself wanting to do something in Brisbane for Heritage week, why not pop out to Wolston House at Wacol.

There will be Devonshire tea available, have a look through a couple of craft stalls and a trash and treasure stall. There will be folk dancers, sausage sizzle, and a display of vintage womens dresses and laces. Oh, and I'll be there too!

For more information, go here.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Motherload of loot - Day 7 -

Pun intended!

Still no batteries for the camera, I hate paying full price for lithiums so I will get them at work tomorrow.

So I just have to describe my loot. I got slippers (come on Mums, you know that's what we want every year!) stuff from Miss 11's Mothers Day stall at school and a gorgeous little wall hanging made by my adorable little Miss 11.

I also managed to score the arm warmers coveted in a previous day of loot. Way to go me!

They are on their way as we speak! Yay! Hopefully they will get here in time for my birthday. Oh, I love May!

Hope Mothers day was enjoyed by all!


My Mum finds this whole "upcycling" thing a little funny. This whole little "crafting revolution" that's going on, she finds it a little amusing. Not in the way that you might imagine. You see, my Mum has been doing this her whole life. She is a baby boomer and was raised in a hardworking, make do type of environment. She has always done these things. She "refashioned" her wardrobe many times over. There are photos of Mum wearing things that you will find me as a child wearing something that looks suspiciously similar.

She has always sewn. I remember going to Paddy's Market in New Farm when I was little and we would head to the top level where there was nothing but 2nd hand clothes and we would be there for hours, scouring for great finds that Mum would later "refashion".

She has always baked. I remember fresh bread, cakes, burning my lips on toffee. She made beer and ginger beer. She made preserves, jams, pickles.

She has always crocheted, knitted, made things, anything, with her hands.

This little "crafting revolution" that's revived itself in this country, well, to me it feels like home. I'm home. It's just in my D.N.A. And it's all because of my Mum. And she did all this with a full time job, and on her own with 2 kids, one of which was a total pain in the arse. *ahem*

So I say, thank you Mum. For everything. You truly rock.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Loot, Glorious loot - Day 6 -

Batteries still dead, don't really have any loot to take pictures of anyway, so I thought I'd show you all my chenille wishlist. Because that's what you all want to see isn't it, more chenille.

Notice a bit of a pink theme going on here!

If I win lotto tonight, they are all mine!

Aren't they all gorgeous, they can all be found here.

More looters here.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 5 of loot, and my batteries are dead

Well, I tried to take some pics of my recently acquired loot, then the batteries went dead in my camera. Love the lithiums, but they don't give you much notice when they are about to cark it!

Anyway, I did manage to take one photo of some loot. The green moda fabric I picked up today for a secret project, secret from my mother who does read my blog so we'll leave that one alone for now! The honeybuns I picked up a little while back from the same place I got the moda today. It's my little local patchwork shop, that is so lovely, it's really worth the visit! If you ever pop in, tell Tereasa I sent you!

I did have some Spotlight loot to show as well, some cute little things that I will be using to make stuff for a little market I will be attending next week. I have little hair accessories, pincushions and needlecases and coffe cup cosies planned, we'll see how I go with all that!

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

my creative space...and day 4 of loot

My creative space was an entire local show actually! Well.... sort of! I did win 2nd place in my category, not exactly taking over the whole show, but I was pretty happy! The display did not do this justice, when she comes home, I'll take some better pics. My Mum also took home Highly Commended in her very hotly contested categories of crochet and patchwork wall hanging, love your work Mum!

My loot for the day is actual loot that I actually received today.

First is a gorgeous crochet headband from the lovely Michelle at The Royal Sisters. So very pretty, not going to take a photo of it on my head right now, been at the show, not looking the best!

Second is this lovely heatbag made from chenille by the lovely Miriam from Bubbachenille. Her and The Handmade Expo team are at the Ipswich show this week promoting The Handmade Expo and of course handmade. Check out both the blogs for a run down on how it all went, and to see Miriam's fabulous wins at the show!

For more creative spaces head over here,

and for more loot go over here.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Loot, Glorious loot - Day 3 -

Fresh out of the letterbox is this gorgeous cupcake fabric. Soft, yummy flannel. Mixes so well with chenille. I hope to make something yummy with this and some pinks and blues vintage chenille. Stay tuned.

Thought I'd have a bit of a cupcake theme today. Now who in their right mind doesn't like cupcakes!

First off is this tutorial I plan on using when I get started on my Christmas gifts for my nieces (can never start too early I say!) Sweetest little cupcake purses ever!

(Image credit)

And how cute is this little crochet hat!

Found here.

I'm off to The Ipswich show tomorrow where I have entered 2 things into the creative crafts competition, wish me luck!

Check out more loot over here.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Loot, Glorious loot - Day 2 -

I am really getting into the whole felting thing lately, now that the weather is getting much cooler here in Queensland (yay!).

I've been scouring the op shops, ala Betz White, and have managed to find a few beauties to felt. The striped one is a 96% lambswool 4% nylon blend, and felted up great! The other I'm not too sure of it's content, but it didn't felt up that great, but probably would still make some great softies.

I have had this pig softie on my etsy favourites for about a week, it is sooo cute!

Found here.

And these fingerless arm warmers are just gorgeous!

Found here.

Go check out some more loot over here.

Monday, May 4, 2009

7 days of loot, glorious loot - Day 1

Joining in with Tinniegirl and her 7 days of glorious loot!

This is my one and only purchase at the Stitches and Craft show yesterday, and it was from Amitie. Being from Brisbane I have never had the pleasure of shopping there before, but next time I am in Melbourne, it will be high on the priority list!

Gorgeous piece of Japanese fabric. It was so beautiful, I couldn't leave it behind.

Stitches Part 2

Following up from yesterday, now that I'm all rested and everything!

I had a great time yesterday at The Stitches and Craft Show. I don't normally go to this one, we usually just go to the Quilt and Craft fair that's in October, but I couldn't not go to this one, knowing that "The Frock" was there!

And, it didn't disappoint! Truly a work of art Jodie!

And if you look closely enough in this pic, you can see my selvedge! See, the one that say's "Twigs and Sprigs", that's mine!!

Funny story, when holding up the very edge of the dress with one finger to find my selvedge, I was very nearly escorted politely from the building! A rather tall woman headed over to me and said, "Do not touch the dress", very scary! (and a little funny!)

My favourite section was the bloggers, of course. I met the very lovely Rebecca from edward and lilly, who was watching the stall for Dear Fii, which was such a pretty stall, and such talent!

I was very well restrained, and hardly spent a cent. I did however nick off with some very tiny bits of fabric from the Reconstruction Zone, do you think they'll miss them?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Stitches Part 1

Too pooped for a proper blog post, will be back tomorrow with more details, just wanted to say,

Jodie, you are a freakin' genius!