Saturday, October 22, 2011

Blogtober the 22nd

I'm sure many of you heard about the events yesterday that had the whole blogosphere in a flap and had me all a twitter (literally), so after an action packed morning I could not concentrate on one single thing, and my plans on working all day on that custom order just went out the window.


I was still in a bit of a crafty mood though so I sent aside about 1/2 an hour and whipped up a little cushion.



I really cheated on this one. I had bought a cushion from the outlet store I sometimes work at (can't afford to work there too much, half the stock ends up coming home with me!) for a tiny $4.45 just for the little insert but decided to just unpick the cushion cover and use the already put together back (zip included, yay!) and just whip up the front using a bit of the
tablecloth I bought the other day.


It actually took me longer to unpick the old cushion cover than it did to put the new one together, but I love the result!


Monty likes it too!


Leonie said...

very very cute! love the design and colours!

sister outlaws said...

Yes - unpicking can be a pain...but then so can putting in zips! This looks lovely lovely!

Jennie said...

Excellent idea!
I really love this - especially the slender shape. Gorgeous!

CurlyPops said...

Oh gosh what a day! I won't be forgetting 21st October in a hurry that's for sure.
Thanks for worrying about me though.

Vic said...

It was a crazy day! I don't even want to think about it; I wouldn't have coped if I was Cam!

Cushion looks ace, but I love that you "can't afford to work there too much", so funny!