Monday, October 31, 2011

Blogtober the 31st - The End

Yay! We made it! And I didn't miss a day! Though I am sure some of you tuned out quite some time ago. Don't worry, I understand, I have blathered on a bit now haven't I?
I thought for the last day of Blogtoberfest I would hold an impromptu giveaway. Every comment made throughout the month was put into the draw and the random number generator thingy helped me pick a winner. And according to my calculations the winner was.... Fiona from BubzRugs.

And the prize? Well I thought that now October is over we are on the homeward stretch to Christmas, and at work we have just put out all the gorgeous decorations for sale this year, a few little pretty decorations would make for a nice giveaway. Hope you like them Fiona! (They really do look better in real life! The weather here today is atrocious for trying to take photos!)

Thank you everyone for keeping the morale up around here for the month, I have really needed it! Especially the last week or so, life has been crazy that's for sure!


teresa said...

ahhh thought I heard a huge sigh of relief today. You did well! Congrats to Fiona.. the decorations are lovely.

Fiona said...

well done getting through blogtoberfest.... I am delighted those prettinesses are coming to live at my house... thanks...x