Wednesday, January 25, 2012


A bit of a reminder that selina's vintage is now on facebook. I'm hoping to get some time in the next week or so to do some updating of the blog, and my facebook page, and hopefully even manage to get some crafting done in there too! I've been thinking about some bunnies for Easter, is anyone interested? Offer up some colour combinations in the comments if you like, I always like to hear what colour combos other people like!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Vintage sheet swap!

Feeling like a bit of a boost to your vintage sheet fat quarters collection? Head over to here to grab all the details and sign up, I have! This one is for Australian residents only though.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Filmlife Blogger Challenge

When I read over on Cam's blog about the filmlife blogger challenge I initially wanted to join in, then changed my mind, then decided to jump in anyway. If you don't know already, the filmlife project and blogger challenge is a collaboration with Donate Life Week 2012 aiming to encourage and inspire young people to really think about, and discuss with their loved ones their thoughts and wishes on organ donation.

This is an issue close to my heart. For those new here or don't know already, I have cystic fibrosis. And one day in the not too distant future I will need a double lung transplant in order to save my life. The way my liver is going I will probably need one of those while they're at it!

Before I get to the three questions posed for the filmlife blogger challenge, I would like to share a little something. Until today I was not a registered organ donor. Shocked? I wasn't. I was actually under the impression that having a chronic illness meant I couldn't be a donor. Turns out I was wrong. In preparing for this blog post I was doing a little reading on the net and came across this page on the DonateLife website busting those myths and misconceptions people have about organ donation. I guess my point is that anyone can be ill-informed about these sorts of issues. For someone who is fairly knowledgeable about medical procedures and issues, who has seen first hand the impact a second chance at life in receiving donated organs and will someday herself need donated organs be unaware of certain facts, anyone can. It's not too late to educate yourself or admit you may be a little ignorant to the truth. Knowledge is power.

Now, onto those questions!
1. What’s your take on or experience with organ donation, and why did you choose to take part in the FilmLife Blogger Challenge?

Basically, I will need a double lung transplant one day in order to save my life. I have seen the impact this ultimate gift has on peoples lives as well as having seen friends and even a family member receive their donated organs and live wonderful second chance lives. I feel that the more people that can open up about their experience with these issues, the more people will be able to benefit.

2. If you were to donate your organs, which one would you love to donate, and why?
(nb. this question is intentionally quirky so feel free to be creative and have some fun with it)

I'm going to have to say corneas for this one. I have always loved my eyes and they are one of the few things in my body that work 100%! I did experience a weird side effect from some post surgery ketamine once where my vision went all hazy, it was the worst feeling, even worse than the pain from the surgery! I would love to think of someone seeing again through my eyes.

3. Who in your family would you need to talk to about organ donation, to be sure your loved ones knew your wishes?

Clearly tonight I'm going to have to have that discussion with my husband and 14 year old daughter. Their wishes have always been made clear, now I realise I can in fact donate as well, I will need to express this to them. Around the dinner table is where everything gets discussed in this house!

If you would like to join in with this challenge put together the three questions and answers and head over to CurlyPops' blog and join in the linky!

To register yourself on the organ donation register here in Australia, go here.

Friday, January 6, 2012


I was catching up on some blog reading in the first few days of the year, after all the crazy Christmas trading had me working more hours, and I came across a blog post by tinniegirl that got me thinking. In it she mentioned about her "word for the year" and I remembered how she had written this post the year before about the same thing. I briefly sat back and thought, what would my word be for the year, if I were to choose one. Immediately the word "explore" popped into my mind. Now, I'm not one to usually get into this sort of thing, so it was a little weird that any word at all would come to mind.

Over the next few days this word kept entering my head, so I let it, and I think it really does encapsulate all of the intentions I have for 2012. So, I'm going to lay it all out here, and give me some accountable record I can look back on over the year and see how it's all going. Just indulge me here won't you?!

I want to explore new crafts, and rediscover some old ones. I think knitting in particular, crochet didn't quite feel right in my hand. I also want to explore the silversmithing class I looked into briefly last year (or the year before??).

I want to explore new directions for my crafts. Maybe more retail outlets or even a bigger market environment, one with a bit more exposure (and where people are willing to pay more!).

I want to explore new friendships, and put myself out there a bit more. It's hard to make new friends at 36!

I want to literally explore more of this country! I do have plans for a trip to Melbourne this year (yeh Melbourne bloggers, look out!) but there are also places only a short drive away that I haven't been to yet.

I want to explore more options for my health. I need to stop living in denial so much and make a real effort, a real change. No one but me can do this, and I need to do it now.

I need to explore "yes". Not later, not tomorrow, not another day. Yes. Let's do that now. This one has been sitting quite close on my heart this last few days in particular. One of the roads I travel on up to 10 times a week heading to and from work claimed a life in a very tragic traffic accident. It happened only an hour before I was on it, heading home from work. She too was heading home, to the same suburb I live in, to a child the same age as mine, and this has left me feeling quite upset. I've lived with the knowledge that my illness will probably take my life, but there are still so many unexpected circumstances that can take it all away anyway. So no more "tomorrow", I need to say yes today.

So thank you Cathy, you somehow always manage to put the right post up at the right time for me, whether I tell you that or not. Here's to exploring all that this year has to offer!