Wednesday, September 1, 2010

** Stocking inspiration and Swap update **

1. christmas.stocking.6, 2. granny square christmas stockings, 3. Christmas Stockings, 4. bunch of christmas stockings, 5. stocking advent calendar, 6. Hand-knit Christmas stocking -- blue, white and red, 7. Recycled denim stocking, 8. Green with pinks Christmas Stocking, 9. Ruffled Lace Christmas Stocking

A little Christmas Stocking inspiration for your gorgeous Spring morning!

Swappers, I am still waiting on the details from 4 of you. Once I have them from everyone I will be able to allocate your partners. Sorry to those eagerly awaiting their partners, I will be on it as soon as I can.


Mistea said...

Oh my there is lots of inspiration there. thanks for sharing

Fat Chick said...

wonderful! Looking forward to getting know my swap.
Thanks Selina

Colette said...

Great inspiration to get the ideas flowing - I sent my details in, let me know if you didn't get them x