Friday, August 14, 2009

Swap parcel received

So I survived my first swap. Who would of thought it would be so scary! I mean, it's one thing for someone to click the buy now button on your stuff, or to walk into a shop and say ohh, I'll take that, but for someone to get something you've made and actually like it, well that's another thing entirely.

The lovely Janice was my washcloth swap recipient, and it appears she loves it. Phew!! I made my washcloth with a vintage hobnail (or candlewick) chenille. I have this fabric in several colours, but from reading Janice's blog I thought she looked more like a sage green person. I bound the edges with a contrasting floral print and voila! I purchased the handmade soap and bath tea from Handmade Heaven. I choose a natural soap for Janice, again I thought it looked like her style.

I'm glad that everyone enjoyed the swap. Maybe it was a little too stressful for me. Maybe I just need a little more confidence in my abilities.

Thanks so much for hosting this swap Jodie, you did a fabulous job.


Kate said...

That looks great. I have been dying to see a non knitted or crocheted washer.

Christina Lowry said...

Very cool! Great choice of fabrics. I'm with Kate, it is great to see something different. I'm sure your partner is loving it. :)

Tammy James said...

Oh that is just stunning! Great job, I love it!

jannimary said...

How could I not love the wash cloth? It is gorgeous. There was definitely no need to worry about your abilities! All of your work is beautiful.

sue said...

I agree, it does look great to see a different type of washcloth and I love it too. Jodie did an amazing job and I am already to sign up for the next one!