Sunday, May 10, 2009


My Mum finds this whole "upcycling" thing a little funny. This whole little "crafting revolution" that's going on, she finds it a little amusing. Not in the way that you might imagine. You see, my Mum has been doing this her whole life. She is a baby boomer and was raised in a hardworking, make do type of environment. She has always done these things. She "refashioned" her wardrobe many times over. There are photos of Mum wearing things that you will find me as a child wearing something that looks suspiciously similar.

She has always sewn. I remember going to Paddy's Market in New Farm when I was little and we would head to the top level where there was nothing but 2nd hand clothes and we would be there for hours, scouring for great finds that Mum would later "refashion".

She has always baked. I remember fresh bread, cakes, burning my lips on toffee. She made beer and ginger beer. She made preserves, jams, pickles.

She has always crocheted, knitted, made things, anything, with her hands.

This little "crafting revolution" that's revived itself in this country, well, to me it feels like home. I'm home. It's just in my D.N.A. And it's all because of my Mum. And she did all this with a full time job, and on her own with 2 kids, one of which was a total pain in the arse. *ahem*

So I say, thank you Mum. For everything. You truly rock.

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Anonymous said...

I love this post Selina and it is sooo ironic as it was only earlier today I was thinking the same thing about mum and nan. I was thinking of all the beautiful things made by them and how they just did it, there was no internet to show people how talented they were, or what they trying to do at the moment, they just did it!We are lucky to have blogs and the net and the community of it all, women before us went unrecognised really with all they created