Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Magazine swap arrived!

I can't believe I forgot to blog this! I took part in Floss' "No Frills Magazine Swap" and I got partnered with Floss herself. And wasn't I glad I did! She was after an Australian lifestyle/country homes magazine and I, of course, was after a French crafty mag. And what a mag she sent.

This thing is full to the brim of gorgeous cross stitch projects that I can see me making for myself and others.

Thanks so much Floss for organising such a fun, quick and easy swap. I'm looking forward to the next one!


Tracey said...

A magazine swap is such a fantastic idea! :)

Kirsty said...

That IS a great idea. They have alot of broderie mags over here, and three or four patchwork ones too. I really like the 'Pomme Broderie' - the one with the kitchen shelves, very nice!

Floss said...

Doesn't it look great in situ in Australia? I always loved those projects, but knew I wouldn't do them, so it's great to see it in the hands of someone who will do something about them! And I am enjoying every page of yours (no worries at all about the water mark! I had to IRON one I sent to a blogger a while ago...)

Fat Chick Design said...

Great idea!
Glad your both chuffed

Sarah said...

Oh I do love that first stitching with the little utensils sewn on. How cute is that?