Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blogtoberfest Day 12

You would be forgiven for thinking this alleged craft blog had indeed become a dog blog, but no, it really is a craft blog. My Blogtoberfest hasn't quite been running to plan so far. I was cutting it a bit fine with posts I had planned, a couple of days of sickness and bam, out of things to blog.

There has been craft going on around these parts though, but really just the boring stuff. This pile of cut out chenille and fabric Christmas stockings and their coordinating cuffs is getting bigger. I really hate production line sewing but I've realised in order for me to get the amount of stockings I want done before Gatton's Christmas in the Country in early November, this is the most efficient way of making it happen. So I've just been cutting. And cutting. See, boring. Stick with me though, there may be some good stuff coming up real soon*.

*well, we can all dream now can't we.


Jennie said...

I know what you mean - right now, with the production line thing! Sooo boring. I'm there with you on that one!

Tracey said...

Hey that's not boring ... it's just a part of the long process to the end product! :)

handmadehappiness said...

It's a means to a end .... i look forward to seeing the end products!!

miss~nance said...

Love your pile of cut outs, very inspirational.