Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I've really dropped the ball this blogtoberfest. I've missed days, I've barely had a look at all the other blogs participating in blogtoberfest, I've been terribly slack at replying to comments and even slacker at getting the prizes sent off to the winners of my giveaways. So, my apologies. I really do mean that. Sorry for dropping the ball. I hope to catch up with everything but at this stage it may not be until early next week. I start my new job today and I still have to finish off a heap of stock to send to the Gatton Christmas in the Country.

Tinniegirl did pose the question yesterday, what brings people to her blog, and it got me thinking the same thing. What brings you wonderful people to my little part of the blogosphere? What makes you hit that little follow button and keep coming back and leaving your lovely supportive comments even when I am so slack at replying to you? I would really love to know.


MonetPaisley said...

I became a follower because of the beautiful chenille bunnies in the title photo. I miss those bunnies.... bring back the bunnies!!!! :-)

crzylady said...

I follow because you are a doll and I care about what you do say (whenever you feel like saying it).

Sarah said...

I feel your stress! It will be alright and no one will mind a bit I'm sure. Just do your best and have a cuppa tea.

I come to your blog and leave comments sometimes because you are such a lovely person, you are giving, you are real and you are just like most of us.

CurlyPops said...

Oh wow, where's the new job?
I love coming here because you make pretty things and say funny things, and it's a little weird I know, but you sort of know how I feel sometimes (if you get what I mean)!

Anonymous said...

I have really been a slack Blogtoberfester this year! I come here cos I think you're kinda nice!! ps.....and I have cheniile envy

Fat Chick Design said...

I started following because of the Stocking Swap which my friend Traci from myhandmadehappiness introduced me too.
I stay because I like your posts, because you are funny, honest and promote what you love.

Blogtoberfest has been a real struggle for me, and its taken up alot more time than I thought, so dropping the ball is more than allowed.
You rock Selina!
And I hope the job goes well too!

74 Lime Lane said...

i hear you!
good luck with the new job and why do I keep coming back, through creative space I think I got to "know" you and so it's like a community of online friends that I like to know how they are going