Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Blogtoberfest day 7 : Redwork

With all the redwork around blogland lately, it got me thinking of the Christmas stitchery I started before last Christmas that I didn't finish.

I tracked it down, pulled it out, and hopefully it will be all finished for this Christmas. This is my first ever stitchery, see how I skillfully avoided the french knots. They scare me. Wish me luck in finishing it before Christmas!

Pattern bought from this ebay shop. Go check it out, fabulous seller.


Sandi said...

Very neat stitching!

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

I have a sewing machine stitching that looks a lot like that. Might be the same designer. It's also stitched in red.

You really should try French knots as they are really very easy. Just twist the thread on the needle, then when you poke the needle into the fabric, use your finger to hold it close on the fabric until it's all pulled through.

Anonymous said...

it's gorgeous very neat and cute too French knots scare me too but I do them and some times they work and a lot of the time they don't if they don't I just put another stitch in them to hold them down!!!!

pepper said...

oh that's great!
good luck with getting it finished, and if life throws something else in the way, there's always next year :)
x Pepper