Saturday, February 5, 2011



Hi all! Starting to feel a little more normal around here, though that cyclone had me on my toes for a bit! Not that we are anywhere near where it was going to hit, but still worrying all the same.

Anyway, just popping in quickly to say that in the next few days I will be listing some things on ebay to raise some much needed spending money for my trip. For the time being I have taken my stuff out of Handmade Heaven and I won't be taking anymore custom orders until May. Check out the bears I've got on ebay here, more to come soon. I'll probably be taking a bit of a break from the blogging for a little while too, I've got so many things to organise before I go to France, including lots of yucky hospital stuff! So once again, bear with me (hehe, hehe), there will be some crafting coming soon!


CurlyPops said...

Good luck with the saving and selling and packing. It's hard enough to get organised for the weekend, I can't imagine trying to prepare medical stuff for an overseas trip! Have you got a big list on the go already?

ms lottie said...

Glad to hear you were nowhere near the cyclone. Good luck for packing!

The Clip Cafe said...

Yes good luck with it all :-) Wishing you the best preparing and the trip itself!!