Tuesday, February 22, 2011

On Saturday.....

Mum and I headed out to The Handmade Expo. I was mainly headed there to deliver something to Janie, but couldn't resist making a few purchases! Of course first up were these fabulous little notebooks made by Janie (with added stitcheries by her bestie I was told!). I just love Janie's stuff, made with such love.

Next up, I had seen on Kellie's blog her new Animal Crackers range and could not resist one of her brooches. I really shouldn't be spending any money at the moment, but these are items I just could not live without!

Miss 13 had some money burning a hole in her pocket too and dug her way through Kellie's bargain box to come up with these supercute rings. Got to love bargain boxes!

In all, it was a great morning, but now I really have to stop spending money!


Vic said...

I really wish I used notebooks, perhaps I should try harder, because there are always fabulous ones to be had! I luff the scooter especially!

jknee said...

thanks selina soooooooooo love the quilt x

Linda Lilly Cottage said...

Wow it looks like you had a great time, I am so sorry to have missed it this month.
Hope you are well and enjoying your new treasures.
Kiss Noises Linda