Friday, February 25, 2011


So, that gorgeous Italian, Blandina, has honoured me with the Stylish Blogger award. Now normally I'm not into these kinds of things, but for Blandina, I'll make an exception. She's one of those blog readers every blogger needs to have. Always encouraging, always thoughtful, sends emails with links to things that she thinks you'll be interested in, you know the type. Just gorgeous. And with this award you need to reveal 7 things about yourself. Which I thought would be fun, if I added my own "style" to it.

So 7 things about myself that reveal why I am not really in fact stylish;

1: I bite my nails. Not just like little nibbling, like really, really, bite my nails.

2: I am actually a fairly untidy person. Organisation and style, not my thing.

3: I am a gleek. Can't help it. Just love it.

4: I love singing really loud in my car when I am driving by myself. Kind of like Jerry Maguire. And when Bohemian Rhapsody comes on, I have even been known to rock out like these guys, even with a very disapproving 13 year old in the car with me.

5: Ummm, it's actually harder than I thought trying to come up with 7 un-stylish things about myself. There, I'm counting that as one.

6: When I was 14 I loved Corey Feldman soooo much that I had dreamed up a big scheme where I would stow away on a ship (??) to L.A and meet him, and then he would see me and fall in love with me too, and we would live happily ever after.

7: I actually secretly love working in retail. But shhhh, don't tell anyone!

Thanks for the award Blandina, this one was actually quite fun! I hope you don't mind I took some liberties with it!


teresa said...

Ha Ha.. that was fun Selina... I'm a Gleek too - who knew... and as for singing in the car, doesn't everyone do that??????? Great catching up with you yesterday... don't forget the luggage and the bunny!!! xx

aracne said...

Very nice, Selina. You just confirmed (if there was any need) that you deserve the award: everybody has his own style and I love yours!

Kirsty@Bonjour said...

At least Corey Feldman is better than Corey Haim, he met a nasty ending.
Congrats on being such a stylish lass!

Vande Historic Costuming said...

A stow-away??????

jodie said...

Oh I love Glee as well, but NEVER watch it...its too early, Must get my proverbial sh%* together....