Sunday, December 5, 2010

Advent day 5

wreath inspiration

1. Christmas wreath with vintage decorations, 2. Vintage Ornament Wreath, 3. vintage haberdashery wreath, 4. Vintage Ornament Wreath 2010, 5. White iridescent Christmas wreath, 6. Petit Four Yarn Wreath, 7. gumdrop wreath, 8. Christmas candy wreath, 9. My Gumdrop Wreath

I'm becoming a little obsessed with Christmas wreaths at the moment. I was looking around flickr for some wreath inspiration and I think I've made it worse! I now want to make all of these! Gumdrop wreaths, vintage ornaments wreaths, they're all so sweet! Oh how I love procrastinating on the (ahem) Spring cleaning.


aracne said...

I am obsessing too about Christmas wreaths. I am looking for the 'right' idea so that I can make one.
Spring Cleaning? What is this idea at Christmas time?

Mistea said...

These all look like much more fun than Spring Cleaning!

Hey enjoy playing with these ideas - do like the gumdrops.

Vande Historic Costuming said...

Oh dear, I think you may be distracting me from my 'cleaning' bug too.....they are all too cute!
Oh well...there is always tomorrow...or perhaps the next day...