Friday, July 16, 2010

What are you doing tomorrow?

The Handmade Expo is on tomorrow. I won't be having a stall there but some of my stuff is going along with Liesa. I will be there at some stage eating. I've heard the woodfired pizzas are really good. Mmmmm, woodfired pizza. Can't wait!

Saturday 17th July8am-2pm
The Ipswich Turf Club,
Brisbane Road, Bundamba

These fine quilts are now in Handmade Heaven too, if you're interested. The nights are getting chilly again in South East Queensland, better get in quick before all the quilts are gone!


Jennie said...

ooooh gorgeous quilts!

Claire Gale said...

oh my goodness me i would love to have that much chenile in my collection......unfortunately it's something i find very little nowadays. now tell me, i call it candlewick, is it the same thing? i think maybe it's the same as the thongs/flip-lops thing....same/same? so glad to have found your lovely blog :)

beccasauras said...

Yum! Awesome in there simplicity!

m.e (Cathie) said...

shopping & eating..yay FUN!!
enjoy Selina ♥

crzylady said...

are those your! lovelies!?

They are all great but that top one is to die for!!
Have lots of fun and eat some crazy good food for me!

moose and bird said...

Your gorgeous quilts would be perfect for this cold snap that we are having. Enjoy your day at the markets. xo

bubbachenille said...

It was so nice to have the quilts and bunnies on my table and to talk to lovely people admiring them, touching them and quietly drooling over them! Glad you and your daughter had a lovely day and bought some lovely things while you were there!

Lora said...

hi selina
i blogged about you today!
check it out