Tuesday, February 3, 2009

postie love

After a hard day at work it's always good to come home to a lovely little package courtesy of the postie (and ebay). this was awaiting me when I got home yesterday, don't you just love them!
Some gorgeous little 30's prints, very hard to find in my neck of the woods!

I also just couldn't stop with just one crazy log cabin block! I am up to about block seven, all made from scraps, and still loving how they have turned out. More chenille porn, just for all you chenille nuts out there, you know who you are!!
Don't forget to check back here tomorrow for my stash busting giveaway, I have a great little stash of goodies to give away, and you know there is gonna be some chenille in that lot somewhere!


CJM said...

Ooh, Liberty fabric - I have a stack of it as I did a quilting course years ago, but never finished my quilt. I have a friend who is a brilliant quilter and she's helping me with it.

So we're both fabric lovers - definitely related :) I love to crochet, too and want to get back into it before winter hits. I love your stuff - it's awesome :)

Corrie said...

oh so cute!I love the little reproduction prints!

bubbachenille said...

OOOOH ! Keep them coming, the suspense is going to kill me !!!

paloma said...

I never thought of log cabins with chenille...It looks yummy. my daughter loves chenilles, she is four years old and her blankie is made out of chenille, she finds it confy..Your fabrics are adorable!!

Kirsty said...

I love the chenille...gorgeous.

belle and rose said...

The fabrics are gorgeous! =D