Thursday, February 12, 2009

chenille quilt, listed!

I have just listed on ebay my little contribution to the bushfire appeal.

I am hoping it goes for a lot, and my biggest wish is that someone will pay a fortune, and then donate it someone who has lost everything in the fire. how cool would that be!

If you have come from my auction on ebay, i will fill you in on what some of us have been trying to do. Help. Basically thats it, just help. The only way we know how. Every cent from this auction (except postage) will go to the bushfire appeal. Once payment has been received, I will send the full sale price to The Red Cross. I will then send you the receipt along with your quilt. Easy. So bid big!

Oh, and most of the chenille in this quilt has come from my personal stash, the stuff that usually just gets looked at and drooled over. Yep, I wanted to help that much!


Michelle said...

The quilt looks great. Hope you raise a fortune.

mandapanda said...

I hope you raise a heap too! And I hope people don't just stop with the donations after a month or two, because the re-building and everything will take at least a few years! We need to keep up a continued stream of help, and thankyou for doing that!!! The quilt is really beautiful, I'm sure it'll raise alot!

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