Wednesday, February 25, 2009

brain overload

Obviously I fried the CPU in my brain from all the projects I had cooking away in there.

None of last weeks planned projects have come to fruition . This bunting is the only thing I have really managed to do all week, and I just did it an hour ago!

I did manage a little trip to the local oppy. Miss 11 needed a long sleeve shirt for a wall mural mosaic they are doing at school , and I picked up this very cute vintage Raggedy pillowcase. 50c.
Also while searching Big W (of all places) for baby shower gifts for my cousin, I stumbled across their habby section, and found 1930's prints for $3.64 a fat quarter. I was most impressed!Aren't they gorgeous!!


Troischats said...

Which Big W did you go to - that sounds like a great bargain! I like your orange one.

Bek said...

I love the pink cats. I can't believe these were at Big W. Jealous!