Sunday, February 1, 2009

lovin' myself sick!

When something works out as good in practise as it looked in my head, I just love myself soo much, even i'm sickened by it!


Crazy log cabi
n chenille! Now maybe i'm not the first to try this, I honestly don't know. I have never seen it anywhere, and i'm sure there are other chenille obsessed nuts out there who may have tried it. For the mean time, I am gonna claim it as my own, and just love myself sick!

This was done entirely with chenille scraps, and I have a HEAP, so I may be able to make several quilts out of scraps using this method.

And here is another photo, for your chenille viewi
ng pleasure!


sewfunky said...

That's just so awesome looking... :D

bubbachenille said...

welcome to blogland Selina, Remember we met at the handmade expo? As you know I too am a chenille-aholic and I would be lovin myself too if I had have done the crazy patchwork, cant wait to see the finished quilt.

Selina said...

Thanks for the chenille love!

Leah said...

Fabbo blocks :)

jenny said...

This is so cute!! Can come to your house and help? You might want to check my pockets when I leave! :o)