Sunday, March 6, 2011

Having a clear out...

Another very quick post to let anyone who is interested know that I am having a bit of a clear out of some chenille and have listed a bit on ebay, here. I got some gorgeous pieces from my chenille dealer recently and she told me of some more gorgeous pieces she has coming, and of course Mr Vintage has a silly little rule that I have to get rid of some before I can get some more. Argh, men.

If you make a purchase, mention the blog for an extra 10% discount on the sale price of all chenille (not including postage)!


Janelle aka Nelly said...

Gorgeous fabric.But one question does your seller cut up old the bedspreads (I couldnt)or is it only damaged ones she cuts up?
I love the heart peice.

Scrummy Scrapz aka Lizzie said...

There's always someone telling others what to do (men that is) and you just go get what you want - do love you bears x