Monday, November 8, 2010

Week ummm.....8?


Ok, so I suck. Last time I actually went for a walk, according to my last walking post, was October 4. Yep, I really suck. Walking this morning was so hard it felt like day 1 all over again. So much so that technically this should probably be week 1 all over again. But for the sake of chronology we'll just say week 8 and move on from there. I've got 5 months now before we go to France and I need to be fit!

And hello pasty white legs!


Sally said...

Don't look back ... just keep looking forward.
Oh yeah - and praise yourself for the things that you do do - and don't worry so much about the rest.

Little Green Doll said...

Yes, yes, it's week 8 :). and well done, he difficult thing is to begin. Hugs and have a nice week!