Sunday, June 6, 2010

Eight answers

Well, some of you may have noticed I dropped off the blogoshere a bit there (and thanks for the lovely emails asking if I was o.k. It was really appreciated.) I wish I could say I was whisked off to some exotic location for a well deserved holiday, but alas I picked up some cold/flu thing from my lovely daughter and have struggled a bit to get rid of it. I am feeling quite a lot better today though.

Over on Kate's blog she has answered 8 questions posed to her by her readers, and to get back my blogging mojo, I thought I would join in. Here goes.

1. Favourite meal to eat?... This is a hard one. I love food. I have many favourites and find it really hard to pick just one. It would probably be thai green chicken curry. I do love a simple at home together dinner though. Sunday night roast has become a bit of a tradition in our house of late and I'm just loving it. It won't be long before Miss 12 no longer wants to hang out with her parents of a weekend so I hope we can at least keep this tradition going so we can all catch up.
2. Do you have a quirky eccentricity?... umm, several! If you have been reading recently you would have read about my laundry love (as in everything laundry. I love washing, hanging it out, or on wet days, loading up the dryer and smelling the fabric softener wafting through the house) and I have also mentioned here about my hatred of feet (shudder). I also have an annoying habit of when I do my grocery shopping I have to line everything up on the conveyor belt in a very strict order. I do then expect the checkout chick to oblige my quirk by putting the groceries into the correct bags as to how I have lined them up. I absolutely hate it when they move things around and put them in the wrong bags, drives me mental. I mean, they don't even have to think, I've done it for them, why do they need to change the order of things?!!! anyhoo...
3. My middle name is?... well, nothing. I don't have one. I am named after my great, great grandmother, which some of you may find interesting. Maybe.
4. I am passionate about....mmm, this is the question that I have found the hardest. I would say chenille, but that sounds a little lame. I have mentioned here about my health issues before and I think that by dealing with that sort of thing my whole life has made me more appreciative of everything in my life. And I guess, without trying to sound cheesy, is what I am passionate about. Life. The little things. I never get bored. Even spending the day at home in front of the t.v in my pj's all day doesn't make me bored. In fact, I love it. I'm actually here to enjoy it. Maybe that sounds even lamer than being passionate about chenille?!
5. Thongs or birkenstocks?.. Thongs. For sure. Maybe I should also clarify here for the American readers, thongs are flip flops. Not the other things you are thinking of! I love thongs. I totally live in them. Being in Queensland too we can wear them almost all year long.
6. Who was I before I had kids?.. I was quite young when I had my daughter (22) so I guess I may not have really found myself yet. But dealing with health issues does make you grow up a hell of a lot faster I believe. I was going to UNI, studying photography, but I had always wanted to be a mum. Well, probably for as long as I was told I probably wouldn't be able to have any kids, that's when I wanted one!
7. Have I ever been arrested?... Umm, no. But I do think if I was passionate enough about something I would be willing to put myself in that position.
8. This weekend I will.... chill out. I have spent the last week coughing and sniffling so I will be sitting here in my pj's on the couch catching up on Ghost Whisperer eps with my feet up and trying to recover. And I will not be bored!

I hope you found some of that interesting. Thanks Kate for the inspiration.

eek, I'm not too sure about that photo! maybe I should find a better one!


m.e (Cathie) said...

I popped round to read about your flea market finds & found this!
thank you Selina for letting us know a bit more about you, loved reading it!
hope you are feeling better soon & I agree that being passionate for life is a wonderful thing. sometimes we just wish too many days away & in the end we look back & realise we were hurrying to get somewhere fast & can't remember what happened in between.
gorgeous pic!!
hugs ♥

ms lottie said...

It's always interesting having a nosey into other people's lives - thanks for sharing!

(And is that you or your daughter? If it's you - you look so young!! Next personal question: what moisturiser do you use?)!

Jodie said...

Sunday roasts are a tradition here as well, everyone is home and we catch up (then all watch Dr Who).
Next yr when Miss 18 leaves home she says she is coming back every sunday for roast...

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better and good to have you back in blogland! I found your questions/answers interesting! (not lame! lol)

manda said...

Hi Selina
I popped on over from Kates blog.....thai green curry....mmmmm I could eat it for breakfast.
manda :-)

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

great to read and see more about you.I love hearing other peoples quirks- makes me feel quite normal really. x

Jennie said...

Wow - that was great Selina. Takes guts to put yourself out there!
Know what you mean about wanting kids - we were told it would take 5-10 years to conceive, so then I wanted one!!

teddybearswednesday said...

Love your 8 Selina, and well quite frankyly I think you are amazing. to have a love/passion for the life is the most wonderful thing.
And I LOVE your quirks all of them, the conveyor belt one, well that is just GOLD and you know how I love the laundry one.
thanks for sharing yourself here. xo

Buy Design said...

Nice to see you back and to learn a bit more about you. Totally with you on the 'feet' thing.. yuck!!
My real YUCK !! is belly buttons and my friend can't look at knees.
Isn't it funny how different we all are.
Hope you are feeling a lot better now. Thanks for sharing your answers.
Fiona x

I see the bridge! Linda Lilly Cottage said...

Love your post, love that you are passionate about life and I soooo understand the need for our children to share their horrible lurgys!
I do like Winter but if only she would leave all those horrible flus and viruses behind before she gets here!
Kiss Noises Linda

Chasing Purple Dreams said...

I’m so glad you are on the mend; I hope the relaxing rejuvenating day today worked a treat.
Great pic, until I go to the end of the read I wondered if it was you or your daughter! You sure did get the youthful genes!

Allana said...

great answers! I feel the same way about 'boredom'. Enjoy recovering :)

Cherie said...

Love your answers and I sat up when I read chenille, me too that's one of my quirks too! Lovely getting to know your more, Hope the sniffles have gone ;-)

crzylady said...

you look lovely! and thank you for sharing. Hope you are feeling better :) love hearing you don't get bored.. and as a yank I have been forced to call my shoes flip flops although growing up we called them thongs. Boy oh boy when that slips out it causes some awkward moments.

michelle said...

thanks for sharing again Selina. as a regular reader of many blogs i think i have a picture of the author but then when you read a post that declares more information about that person you realise that there are many more layers. loved reading yours. good luck with the sniffles, hope they run away soon

Gina said...

I love a sticky-beak post. Thanks for sharing a bit more of what makes you you. Your quirks make me laugh... we all have them. If not the same ones! It's so great to hear about your passion for life too. A real reminder to just grab what it's offering and enjoy.

Kate said...

Yay! Thanks so much for playing Selina. I loved reading each of your 8 answers. i think that checkout one is brilliant. It makes the way I hang my washing out look positively normal. I hope you are feeling heaps better and that you have a great week.

CJM said...

Thank goodness you're ok! Sounds like you've had a rough trot, so I have everything crossed that you're back on the mend. Much love to you and yours xoxo

red lizzi said...

hi selina
i'm another selina and was named after my great great grandmother too!
hope you are feeling better soon : )