Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Advent blog-a-long day... what are we up to now?

Seems that once again I dropped the ball there on the advent blog-a-long. Only 3 more sleeps to go now!

I participated in the ornament swap that was organised by Daisy Quilts but as my first ornament got lost in the mail, I only just received my ornament from the lovely Roz. She was so worried that I wasn't going to have my package before Christmas that she got stuck in and made me another one, and this time Aussie Post came through! Roz went to such trouble and packed in extra goodies (naughty girl!!) but I am very grateful, thank you so much Roz!

Here is my gorgeous ornament on the tree, next to the beautiful owl ornament bought from this fabulous etsy seller.

And because you asked so nicely Teresa, here is the dinosaur.

And here is Max just clarifying that this is indeed not yet another animal that we've brought into his house!

Note for future reference, when you read on the pattern envelope that you require over 500 grams of stuffing for a project, take note, this probably means that it's big! 26 inches long and 9 inches high as a matter of fact! I hope my cousins little boy doesn't run screaming from the room when he sees this monstrosity! Ah, live and learn people, live and learn.

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