Thursday, December 17, 2009

Advent blog-a-long day 17 Purchases and Prizes

We're heading for the home stretch now! Is anyone else starting to freak out that all the things you had wanted to get done are slowly appearing as though they will not eventuate?

Anyhoo, this year Mr Vintage came up with the grand plan that we would buy our own gifts (secretly), wrap them, put them under the tree and then on Christmas day there will still be some element of surprise, but we get what we really want. I thought it was ingenious. So apart from the ice-cream maker (yay!!) I thought I would get myself some lovely handmade goodies. Handmade Heaven was the port of call.

Gorgeous kimono pendant from Melanie at Kimono Reincarnate. It took me forever to choose, they are all so beautiful.

And this fabulous button bracelet from Kellie Christie. Love the colour!

I popped in next door to the cupcake parlour and they had these cute little handmade goodie bags. When I saw the M, I couldn't resist. This is perfect size for the ipod Mr Vintage relented and bought our Miss 12 (aka Miss M). Too cute!

I've also been very lucky lately and won myself some giveaways. First was this super cute little pattern from Clare. Hopefully I can get some time to make some of these in Christmas fabrics, they will be sooo cute!

I also won a giveaway at Ravenhill. This little pack arrived in light speed time from Norway. I absolutely love all these fabrics, they will be petted for awhile I think before I decide what to use them for. Thank you ladies!


CurlyPops said...

What gorgeous goodies! I love Melanie's and Kellie's work too - I wish I could see it in person in a shop.

m.e (Cathie) said...

wow, what fabo goodies!
who says kids are the only ones to get lovely pressies under the tree. i like your thinking :)

The Handmade Expo and Handmade Heaven said...

Look at you are on a winning streak. Sorry I missed you in the shop the other day...glad you were able to pick up some is hard to leave empty handed isn't it.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

What great loot! And ignore my previous question (via email) - now I know which pendant you bought :)