Sunday, July 8, 2012

Flea Market Finds


 I am in desperate need of an op shop fix! The only time I had for a fix this week was in between errands at my very tiny little local. Sometimes the pickings are slim, sometimes it's a gold mine. I love to sit on the floor of the shop and go through all their patterns, I have snagged quite a few gems this way!


For my money this week I think I scored well! A couple of vintage teatowels and quite a few vintage patterns. Some of them are mail order ones, I love the envelope almost as much as the contents! Look at that address, and the postage date!

 It actually wasn't until I was snapping some pics this morning before I realised how well I scored. This dolly pattern was in the same envelope as the kitty pattern, it is super sweet! The patterns were marked 50c each but the lady decided she couldn't charge that as "they're not real patterns". So, $3 for everything. I must admit I threw another $2 in the charity tin, and it seems good karma paid off.

More finds here


clare's craftroom said...

Isn't it funny we all love a bargain but whenever the ladies at the op shop give me stuff too cheap I always give them a few $$ more too . I love your finds , well done !

Zara said...

Wow you scored some great bargains this week. Love the little snippet of the calender tea towel.

jennie said...

Such cool finds!!X

Kat @ I Saw You Dancing said...

Hi Selina, love your flea market finds!
Thanks for being a part of Blogtoberfest, hosted by Cathy aka {tinniegirl} last year. Thought you might be interested to know that we're running it again in 2012. You can find all the info at:
And we're kicking off this Monday! Would love to see you there.
Kat xxx