Sunday, July 1, 2012

Finding things to blog....

I guess the one thing about my very infrequent blogging is that when I do get the urge I have a few things that I've yet to share with you!


I'm going to start with a bit of a collaborative quilt project that my Mum and I did. Now when I say collaborative Mum actually did most of it. I'd bought most of the fabric for this particular quilt about 10 years ago, back when that 1930's fabrics were hard to come by. Over the years I have added more actual reproduction 1930's to the stash and so those got thrown in too.


A couple of years ago while whinging to Mum that she had made everyone else a quilt and not me (she had even made my husband a quilt!!) we decided we would work on this one together. So we had a sewing day together...... and then it got a bit stalled. Anyway, Mum decided this year she would finish it up to pop into the Ipswich show. That obviously got her moving! We sent it off to be quilted and it came back just gorgeous. Mum got it into the show, unfortunately didn't win anything, but I don't care, I love it and it's a winner in my eyes! Now I finally have my own Mum quilt.

photo stolen from Mum's blog


Carolyn said...

Amazing how different lighting changes the colour in photos! (Or maybe I'm not a very good photographer, even with the new camera! hehe)

jennie said...

How gorgeous is that!!? I love all the fabrics you have chosen! Do you have to send it away because it has to be done on a big machine? (coming from a non quilter)XX

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I am absolutely drooling over that quilt. The colours & patterns are amazing. It is a dream of mine to own something so beautiful!

Lora said...

what a gorgeous quilt! i love all the bright colors. :)