Friday, January 14, 2011

QLD flood relief auction


Edit: Auction is now closed! Thanks for bidding everyone!

I can't sit here any longer twiddling my thumbs, waiting to get in and help in some way. So the auction that I thought I'd start on the weekend, I'm starting it now.

I've finally managed to get on to my boss to see how my workplace and my fellow workmates fared throughout this. There is good and slightly bad news. My job has actually been between two retail stores, one of these being at the Jindalee DFO, and the other at Mt Ommaney. Both of which have been hit fairly extensively. We still can't get into the DFO to see how things are, but early reports suggest it went under. The other shop at Mt Ommaney is fine, just no power as the substation that powers it has gone under, and there is no word yet on when it will be reconnected. But that is really all superficial at the moment. One of my workmates lives in the middle of Goodna, one of the other suburbs severely hit, though her house is fine, her neighbours not so much.

I've been sending out emails, checking in on all the fellow bloggers in the area, and for the most part they are all fine. But others, have lost everything. What do you say in these situations? How can any words make anything better?

At this point, money is what is needed, and lots of it. Currently the flood relief appeal sits at over $54,000,000, and as wonderful as that is, more is going to be needed. So here is my small contribution. The auction rules are as follows;

1) The bidding will start at $40 (Australian), and will run on this blog from now until Monday, the 24th of January at 9pm (AEDST)

2)You will be bidding in whole dollar amounts, leaving a comment and your email address with your bid amount in the comment section of this post

3)All postage costs will be covered by me, anywhere in the world

4)If you are the winner, I will contact you via email at the close of auction. You will then pay your winning bid to the Premier's Flood Appeal and forward the invoice and receipt number on to me. Once I have received confirmation of payment I can get your quilt into the post for you. Any donation over $2 to this appeal is also tax deductible (in Australia), so it's really win win.


So, what are you bidding for? Well, one of my vintage chenille patchwork quilts. This quilt is perfect for snuggling under, a nice little lap size. Approx 110cm x 110cm. Backed with a vintage sheet in lovely colours of lavender, mint green and white.


If my quilt doesn't take your fancy then why not check out all the other blogs participating in the flood appeal by blog auctions and raffles. Toni will be putting up a master list of participating blogs on her blog, so go and check it out, get yourself something nice, and help people out in the process.


So, I declare this auction, open!


CurlyPops said...

Yah! I'd love to begin the bidding at $45

Val - Apple Cottage said...

Good on you for doing this.

Fiona said...

Oh Yes it takes my fancy - Bid is for $70.00

teresa said...

Yay it's the quilt!!! My bid is $80. thanks for doing this Selina xx

bec said...

Wow, Selina, it is gorgeous! I wish I could bid, but beiing on my own with piles of bills, I can't! But am sewing up to have a raffle, too. I just wanted to say well done! (And awesome quilt!)

Kirsty@Bonjour said...

You're a good lady, Selina. I bid $90.

jknee said...

Hey Selina we are all well out this way i hope you guys all stayed safe.....$120 is my bid x

Val - Apple Cottage said...

I'll go for $130.00.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous work Selina.....$150 from Fiona - (just realise it is an unfortunate email address, but, is a combination of the letters of my names).

Megan Walker said...

LOVE. VINTAGE. CHENILLE. And what better cause for such a lovely quilt! You are wonderful! I bid $175.00

Meg from the wild child blog

Mama Urchin said...

Love this quilt. I'll bid $200.