Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Shopping guide

Recently I have been asked by a few people where I get my gorgeous chenille, and I thought I wouldn't be greedy and I'll let you all in on the secret. I have found the best seller for vintage chenille on ebay. She has the biggest range you are ever likely to find and her quality is second to none.

She has informed me that she is looking to get into other crafty endeavours and may in fact not be selling chenille for too much longer, so you had better get in quick.

At the moment she is also selling out quite a few spare bits and pieces of chenille that you may not have seen up for sale for quite a while.

Check out Sharon's ebay shop here, and tell her Selina sent you! (well, actually you don't need to tell her that, I'm not getting a kick back or anything for this, just wanted to share the chenille love!)

Oh, I also wanted to say thank you all so much for all your birthday wishes! They really made my day!


Buy Design said...

I could be tempted to take up sewing you know. Lovely fabrics and you turn them in to such lovely finished articles.
Will just have to clear my jewellery, card making, crochet and knitting supplies first.

Mary Catherine said...

so funny that you posted this today. I am staying at a friend's house and sleeping under a blanket identical to the one in the top picture. cute cute!

crzylady said...

have just made new (owl)ies featuring some of your lovely chenille! and they are AMAZING! One is posted on the shop right now and the other will probably be posted tonight.

Selina said...

Oh Mary Catherine, how I envy thee!

Tracey Jane said...

I love Sharons ebay shop. I've purchased chenille from her and I think maybe from you to when you had your ebay store and you purchased a craft pattern from me when I had my ebay store. Now moved onto making my own items and selling on etsy too.
Tracey Jane.