Monday, April 12, 2010

Too soon?

Mr Vintage has been bombarding me with very cute pictures of Staffy pups in the hope that I will agree to getting a new puppy.The problem is though, is it too soon after the loss of my beloved China? He has some valid points for why now is a good time, with me at home for a few months before looking for another casual job, we won't have to leave a puppy home alone a lot.
But is it too soon? Will it ever be "the right time"?
He has, in fact, been wanting a new puppy since our other dog, Jack, ran away (for the 1,345th, and the last, time) about 4 years ago. I wanted China to live out her twilight years in peace and quiet, and he agreed, which is why now he so keen to get another one.
Is there meant to be a set mourning period, or am being too morbid about it? Does anyone have any thoughts? I would love to hear them.

All puppy images found on the net, although that white one looks very much like China as a puppy, not quite as cute though.


Janice said...

When our beloved Buster died from snake bite some years ago I was devestated and thought it terribly disrespectful to get another pup straight away. However, Mick was determined and we ended up with Biggles very soon after. In hindsight it was the best thing to do. He is just gorgeous, although at nearly 11 is starting to get stiff and is going blind. As hard as it seemed at the time, it helped us move on. We still have the great memories that will always be there.

willywagtail said...

From watching others it would seem as if straight away is actually a good time. You won't forget China but grief for animals is different for grief to humans. I would say go for it. Being at home will also help you have time to train the pup and fall in love with all it's cuteness and also give it reassurance while it is so young. Cherrie

Val - Apple Cottage said...

Oooooh - I could fall in love with any one of those puppies. They're adorable. I think a new puppy now would be a perfect timing. China will never be replaced, but I think a new puppy would definitely help you recover and you're the perfect person to give a puppy a new home.

Anonymous said...

I think as soon as possible is the best time after losing a doggy, it's the best medicine

Mary Catherine said...

I think that getting a new puppy sooner, rather than later, doesn't mean that you loved China any less. It shows how much you value doggy companionship. You'll still miss China but adopting an adorable ball of fur and love will help your heart heal and give you some new doggy antics to laugh at.

m.e (Cathie) said...

ohh gosh, have absolutely no idea Selina.
i guess when it feels right, if you heart says yes.
goodluck with the decision.

Chicken Willow said...

I lost my Staffy, Cody, two years ago and it's so hard. We had another dog at the time so no decisions on if/when to get another one. I think just when the time feels right for you. I wouldn't rush into anything though. I still miss Cody. China looks like she was a gorgeous girl.

Car said...

That's a hard question Selina. My mum recently got a new pup after having their old boxer put down & at the time I thought it was too soon, but realise the new pup is a new little person and it has helped them with their grieving process - IYWIM.

I don't think you will ever forget China (how could anyone forget a staffy, they are like little individual people) I think ultimately it's your decision and one you need to make, but you won't be replacing her - you'll be adding to your family.

PS I know a lady in Beauy who used to breed staffy's (not sure she is breeding any longer, but her girls were beautiful :) let me know if you want her name.

PPS that little brindle pup looks exactly like my little man, except he's white / brindle - will post some pics in a few days and show you :)