Saturday, March 10, 2012

Some news....


Finally today I get a chance to sit down, write a blog post, and share some exciting news. Well, I think it's exciting anyway.

As you're all probably aware by now, if you've been reading my blog for a bit, I really do love a bit of recycling. I love taking the best pieces from some very well loved bedspreads or linens that have seen better days, and turning them into something new with many more years of love ahead of them. It really does give me a bit of a thrill. So recently I've taken that idea of recycling just one step further. With this latest batch of bunnies I have started using stuffing that is made from recycled water bottles. This stuffing performs exactly like the polyester stuffing I was using before, but instead of being made from virgin chemicals, I'm preventing plastic water bottles from going into landfill. In fact, every bunny or bear will be preventing over 23 bottles from clogging up the environment. Isn't that exciting!

I'm using Innergreen's 100% PET toy fill. It's hypoallergenic, washable, and Australian made. Got to love that! In changing to this product I can now say that each bunny or bear is roughly 99% recycled. The only thing that is new is the thread used to sew them together and the ribbons around their necks. I'm so very proud of my little guys, doing their bit for the environment.

oh, and I've turned comment verification off. that captcha thing was driving me nuts. if I get too much spam, I will have to turn it back on again, but we'll see how we go!


jennie said...

Meant to ask you what you thought of how it stuffs!?x

CurlyPops said...

Yippee for turning off the silly CAPTCHA! Hope it doesn't get too spammy.

Nelly said...

Love your rabbits I havnt heard of that stuffing is it very dear?
Yay another one who has left the dark side of the captcha thingy :)

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Good news about the stuffing - I will have to look around and see if there is something like that available here in Canada!
Your rabbits are just the sweetest things - just beautiful!

Leonie said...

Awesome Selina! and they are sooo cute!

Kirsty@Bonjour said...

That really is wonderful news, good job! Cuteness can save the world. I turned of my Captchas too and I don't get that much spam, and what I do get is always caught by blogger and not published. Then I can go into the spam part of the comments on my dashboard and just delete them.

Warm Hugs Design said...

Selina your bunnies are the cutest things ever! Thanks for all your efforts to save our planet too by recycling. Amazing!

Warm hugs,