Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday French Favourites

Oops, I forgot about Friday French Favourites last week! Mon dieu!


This week I wanted to show you one of the many markets that are held in France, most days of the week. We stopped off at a town called Tournon and were shown through their market by a local guide (what was her name Mum? She was just lovely).


Half way through the market her Grandmother met up with us and took some of our group off with her, she didn't speak a word of English!


Seeing the real side of French life was my most favourite part of visiting France, parts that I actually really, really miss. I guess that just means I have to save my pennies to go again and make sure this time I stay much, much longer!



Jodie said...

pastries !!! Cheese !!! Oh my I would eat myself to bursting point.

Melody said...

When I came to your blog, my jar dropped. Oh those cakes, that cheese and the bread. My mouth is watering. Wow, thanks for sharing.

Sunnybec said...

You make me feel so lucky to live here, I get to see this whenever I want to, so, yes I guess I am lucky. Hugs Linda