Sunday, May 8, 2011

Flea Market finds

Happy Mother's Day!

I actually managed to drag Mr Vintage along with me this week for a day of op shopping, and I think I have to take him more often, he seems to be a bit of a lucky charm! We found books for Miss 13 and blankets for the dog and goodies for me too! I have eyed off other bloggers finds of crochet rugs and been very jealous. Everytime I find one I like the look of, it's made of some daggy, scratchy acrylic. This time I found a very pretty one, in some of my favourite colours of the season, in a very nice wool. Yay! I have also been wanting a vintage needlebox, for knitting needles (not that I even knit!) as my Mum has a gorgeous one that I adore. My heart actually skipped a beat when I saw it! I also found this gorgeous Royal Vale trio that I absolutely love. I had thought I might resell it, but as with a lot of other things I buy to resell, I change my mind when I get them home!

So a very fruitful day indeed. Did you have any thrifting luck this week? Pop over to Sophie's and see what others have found.


Lauren said...

Very nice finds...I especially like the trio! lots of nice cups of tea ahead of you I suspect!

Johanna said...

I like the wool plaid of what it is. Very nice.

jodie said...

Awesome finds selina - well done Mr Vintage .