Thursday, April 16, 2009

A bit of a giveaway

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I have a bit of a strange giveaway for you all. Well, what I'm giving away is not strange, but the rules for entering the giveaway are a little strange.

I was at my doctors appointment today, and I have been told I really need to put on 3 kilograms ( is that about 7.5 pounds?? not too sure!) in the next month. Now, before you all roll your eyes, I have a lot of trouble putting on weight, and it can be as hard for me to put it on as it is for some of you to lose it.

So I thought I might have a little contest. I want you to send me your most fattening recipes you can think of. Only yummy ones please! The more chocolate the better! I will then pick a few that sound really good, make them, eat them, (duh) and judge the yummiest to be the winner!!

Now to what you will win. Haven't thought about the finer details of that yet, but it will be good. How about some vintage goodies, fabrics, patterns, buttons, and maybe even a little something handmade by me. Does that sound good!

I have decided that Cam from Curlypops is already entered by default as the Mars Bar cheesecake I saw on her blog the other day inspired this little competition.

I will leave this open until Sunday afternoon (Australia time) so get sending. Either via email or send a link to the recipe in my comments.

I look forward to eating some very yummy things!


Jodie said...

Hey Selina, I'd be happy to donate 3 kilos to you - heck I'd be happy to donate 10.

Michelle said...

oh yum i would vote for cam's cheesecake as well...
i'll have to think of a few recipes to send you...but then again i think i have the same problem as my recipes may not be working...
maybe if i would sit still for two seconds that could help...

CurlyPops said...

Yep I have your same exact problem at the moment - hence why I'm constantly eating cakes and chocolates!
I've actually found that the best way to put on weight is to eat donuts. I like the 12 packs of cinnamon donuts from Donut King. You can freeze them individually and then just microwave them when you need. Delicious!
When I'm desperate to add weight, I make sure to have a donut for brekky every day.

beccasauras said...

Listen to us skinny bitches complaining haha. After years of having criticisim I now happily eat what I want and enjoy it. SO I will send you a copy of my Tiramisu recipe, when I find it and at a decent hr!

james and bess said...

your chenille creations are lovely!! to me, yummy has to also equal easy, so my favorite splurge recipe is for peanut butter fudge with milk chocolate liberally swirled on top. here's the post address:

sorry i don't know the metric conversions! good luck with your weight gain! (strangely, those are never words i've spoken before.) :)


She said...

I gotta vote for that mars bar cheesecake too. Good luck!
Thanks for the giveaway!

PaisleyJade said...

Try these licorice truffles... not sure how fattening they are, but addictive!

Mistea said...

I'll think of something to send your way though I promise I only need to look at fattening foods to gain weight. Good Luck.
Had to share the verification word - inabl - so my suggestion may not work

kleinzonnetje said...

Medway mud always does it for me:

10 Mars bars
275 ml single cream
275 ml double cream

Cut Mars bars into small pieces and place in a saucepan. Add single cream. Melt on a low heat until chocolate has melted. Cool.
Whisk the double cream until it is softly stiff, then mix with cooled chocolate mixture and pour into large serving dish (I also use individual ramekins). Chill for a few hours.

I also recommend Nigella Lawson's 'Girdlebuster Pie' which has thousands of calories in it! Will scan in and send to you later.