Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ric Rac Rocks!

Seriously, if you haven't been over to Jodie's blog, you need to get over there right now!
No, stop reading, go there now, but then, please come back!

See, great isn't she! I have been following Jodie's blog for quite some time. She is the reason I am addicted to chenille, so when she had some new goodies on offer in her etsy shop, I couldn't resist. While I looove her little dolls, I don't have anyone to make them for. Miss 11 is "too old for dolls" so I snapped up her little Mushie and Gnome kit. Can't wait to get started, looks sooo cute! And I don't know how Jodie thinks she is going to make any money when she gives stuff away, but I am very grateful for the very cute cards she gifted me.

Love you Jodie!

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